We Are Eatinerance

we aim to make cooking a joyful experience


Gabriel Burnier

EATinérance was created by Gabriel Burnier and Rémy Cantale, two friends who met while completing a hotel management degree at the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève in Geneva. We learned that people wanted to eat healthier, more diverse foods that were grown and produced locally, which they could prepare at home themselves. We wanted to develop a company that allowed people to a cook a family-style dinner without spending hours in the kitchen. So we came up with EATinérance, where customers can make a home-cooked meal with very little work and in very little time.

Rémy Cantale

Rémy Cantale

Gabriel – Creation and Elaboration of the menus. He has been developing his skills and passion in the kitchen for over 10 years in many countries, from Canada, France, and Switzerland to Myanmar and Malaysia. He has spent many years working under some of the best chefs and restaurants around the world, including Chef Marc Thuet in Toronto, Canada, to the 3 Michelin star restaurant, La Côte Saint Jacques, in Joigny, France. Having recently returned from working as an Executive Chef in Myanmar, Gabriel has been developing new and unique recipes in order for his EATinérance customers to discover new and interesting flavours. He will strive to surprise you each week with new recipes that will leave you satisfied and wanting to try more.

Rémy – Strategy, Development and Client Relations. Since graduating from the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève, Rémy has been working in the restaurant industry in several managerial positions. During the past few years, he has been the manager of several sales points. These experiences led him to decide to return to school to further improve his management skills and business acumen. He has finished in 2016 La Haute Ecole de Gestion in Geneva while simultaneously opening EATinérance with Gabriel.

Good Food Starts With Great Ingredients

The majority of our products are from local Swiss farmers and markets, and we will be working with local suppliers to use locally grown products from the Switzerland. While most of our products are locally-sourced, we will also include products from around the world in order to allow our clients to discover new and exotic flavours and dishes. Our dishes are all packed in Vacuum Packing bags. They are sealed plastic bags that help keep your meals fresh for an extended period of time. It will also improve the food quality and eliminate a lot of the loss of the product. This is also the optimal packaging and is compatible with the food safety and HACCP standards for food preservation.

Packing In The Freshness

We use Sous Vide/ Vacuum Packing to ensure that all ingredients reach your home in their prime. The process works by using a vacuum pump to remove all the air from the bag that holds the product. This helps to stop aerobic bacteria’s from reproducing, and slows down the deterioration of the food product. These are the reasons why we are working with Vacuum Packing to help improve your dining experience.

Reusable Delivery Bags

doing our bit for the environment

Lets face it. the environment is everyone’s responsibility. To help reduce our carbon footprint, we use special Thermos Bags that can be returned and reused every week. In order to reduce food wastage, each meal is properly portioned based on nutritional criteria set out by the standard in Switzerland. While maintaining quality and freshness, we will also keep our carbon emissions to a minimum by only making deliveries on Tuesdays and Fridays using the most efficient route possible that have been carefully planned in advance.